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    • ANTARI HZ-350 HazerANTARI HZ-350 Hazer

      ANTARI HZ-350 Hazer

      The HZ-350 Hazer is a concession to customers demanding a reliable and comfortable radio control. Et voilà, the newly designed...
    • ANTARI HZ-500 HazerANTARI HZ-500 Hazer

      ANTARI HZ-500 Hazer

      The HZ-500 ranks among the most powerful hazers on the market today. The HZ-500 is designed to provide creative and...
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      MOTH Haze 600 - Project-FXMOTH Haze 600 - Project-FX

      MOTH Haze 600

      The MOTH SMH600 600W haze machine can make the light effects look more beautiful and magical. It doesn't need time for preheating....
    • MOTH Fog Up Jet 1500 - Project-FXMOTH Fog Up Jet 1500 - Project-FX

      MOTH Fog Up Jet 1500

      The Fog Up Jet 1500 is designed to provide an impressive fog effect in any direction. Create a unique atmosphere...
    • MOTH Fog Machine 1500 - Project-FXMOTH Fog Machine 1500 - Project-FX

      MOTH Fog Machine 1500

      The MOTH SM1500 1500W smoke machine can produce thick smoke quickly that will make your stage dreamlike.   Features Warm-up time:...
    • MOTH Fog Machine LED 500 - Project-FXMOTH Fog Machine LED 500 - Project-FX

      MOTH Fog Machine LED 500

      The MOTH Fog Machine LED 500 is a smoke machine that can produce thick smoke quickly that will make your stage dreamlike....

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