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      Electric Confetti Cannon 80cm - Project-FXElectric Confetti Cannon 80cm - Project-FX

      Electric Confetti Cannon 80cm

      80cm Electric confetti shooter. For outdoor use only Working Style: electric  Feature: Eco-Friendly, No fireworks, Other Color: Customized  Size: 5cm*80cm...
    • MOTH Confetti Quad Shot - Project-FXMOTH Confetti Quad Shot - Project-FX

      MOTH Confetti Quad Shot

      The MOTH Confetti Quad Shot is a professional-grade confetti shooter with four independent, controllable outputs and compatibility with any DMX...
    • MOTH Confetti One Shot - Project-FXMOTH Confetti One Shot - Project-FX

      MOTH Confetti One Shot

      The MOTH Confetti One Shot is a DMX controller single shot confetti shooter perfect for adding a celebratory atmosphere to...

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